You have a winning event - without needing to create a new “theme” every year! In fact, the Old Bags® event now sells out weeks in advance in several cities! Tens of millions of dollars have been raised already, with proven success! You’ll be amazed at how easy and fun this truly unique event will be for your cause! Bring old bags to life! I look forward to providing you with your complete event planning package, including trademark use - today!

Tens of millions of dollars have been raised already, with proven success! 

Having done more than a hundred Old Bags Luncheons® worldwide, the Little Blackbird Team is prepared to answer any questions, give you a How-To Guide which addresses every aspect of planning and execution, and shares tried and true methods of securing all of those wonderful handbags.  We have an event concierge on staff to help you with all of your questions and strategize the best way for getting the word out about your event through social media and other resources.

At this time the brand has grown exponentially. Every new charity that has come onboard this year has netted in excess of two hundred thousand dollars the first year.  The magic comes in the second year.  Many clients are now grossing half a million dollars each year.  And, this is a dependable source of income for your organization's bottom line year after year.  The inaugural event in Palm Beach is now in it's seventeenth year and continues to break records in attendance and money raised.



If your city or town does not have an Old Bags® event, it will.  If not through you, through someone else.  Once it is taken, that is it.  Don't let your non-profit, charity, civic organization, museum, or hospital, lose out.  In some cases individuals license the event, then partner with a charity.  This allows the licensee to move on to another charity if the situation warrants it.  It is a powerful philanthropic position to hold in any community.  

The Old Bags Luncheon® and Old Bags® events are copyrighted worldwide.  Little Blackbird, Inc., a Florida corporation, is the holder of all of the copyrights.  Each city or defined geographic area has exclusive contractual rights to hold the event.  After the first event, the same entity is given 30 days right-of-refusal to license an event for the next year.  If another entity attempts to enter a market that is already licensed, Little Blackbird, Inc. has a team of copyright lawyers ready to protect the designated area of your license.

Contact us today for more information on hosting an Old Bags Luncheon® of your own.